A major component of the commission's daily activities is technical assistance and various services to member governments. Technical assistance and services are provided in many forms such as population, employment, and housing data; zoning ordinance regulations; mapping; federal programs and directives; brochure development; voting district plans and maps; recreation and conservation programs; and grant and loan applications. The WARC also provides technical assistance to agencies in Region 2 that receive federal funds for urban or rural transportation.



An integral part of the commission's activities is public information. The commission utilizes news releases, public meetings, correspondence, public presentations, an annual report and other means available to keep interested sectors of the public apprised of projects, programs and services.


WARC publishes a directory of municipal, county, state and federal officials every other year. The "Regional Directory" is used as a single source of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of persons frequently contacted in the daily operation of intergovernmental affairs. The directory is distributed to local governments and state and federal officials, and to others upon request.


WARC publishes the "Directory of Manufacturing Companies in West Alabama" to promote trade among the industries in West Alabama. It lists a contact person, address, telephone, number of employees, raw materials used and products by county location.


The commission also publishes study results and reports for limited distribution to local governments and appropriate state and/or federal agencies.